Islip, NY – Long Island MacArthur Airport officially dedicated its $8.4 million, 12,000 SF Ground Transportation Center (GTC) following the completion of a Terminal Walkway, the final component of the project. Additionally, the airport announced $26 million in improvements to the Main Terminal Building and Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing (MEP) upgrades. While separate grants fund this construction work, the projects will take place simultaneously for efficiency and to keep operations running smoothly for customers. The project is expected to take approximately one year to complete. “We were able to secure more grant funding than any other airport of our size. These construction projects will enhance the unmatched airport experience for our loyal Long Island customers and visitors to our area,” said Town of IslipSupervisor Angie Carpenter. “We are so grateful to all who helped us secure funding for these projects, and at no cost to local taxpayers,” she added.

In many cases, improvements will address issues that have needed attention for 60 years. “It is a continual process to update our existing facility so that it provides a comfortable experience, prioritizes security, and reflects new standards of practice,” said Airport Commissioner Shelley LaRose-Arken. “At the same time, we are keeping our eye on the future,” she said.  

“These upgrades are necessary even as the community evaluates additional infrastructure projects that accelerate economic growth – such as connecting a proposed new North Terminal with the LIRR Ronkonkoma/MacArthur Airport station,” said Long Island Association President and CEO Matt Cohen. “The completion of LIRR’s Third Track gives airport passengers service to Grand Central for the first time, which offers businesses, travelers, and residents more convenience and environmentally efficient, cost-effective transportation,” he added. “Investing in airport infrastructure not only helps build impressive and innovative airport facilities but also unlocks economic growth for the region. ESD’s support of MacArthur Airport will help Long Island attract more visitors and enhance business opportunities while improving the quality of air travel for everyone,” said Empire State Development Board Chairman Kevin Law.

These projects combine with previous work over the past seven years for a total of $100 million in capital improvements, ensuring the integrity of the airport’s infrastructure. This work includes significant airfield updates, the new Fire House, the Ground Transportation Center, and work to the terminal. As most of these funds are provided by federal and state governments, including $1,650,000 from Empire State Development, the airport was able to complete them while remaining financially self-sufficient.  “We must take care of what we have while we evaluate where we go in the future,” said Mitch Pally, former CEO of the LI Builders Institute and current Joint Suffolk County/Town of Islip chairperson for the Midway Crossing Local Development Corporation. “Any decision on a new terminal project will take a long time.  There are feasibility studies, community meetings, FAA evaluation, and planning. While we know a new terminal is important to Long Island long-term, we must continue serving our visitors and community right now. Having an improved and efficient facility also helps us encourage our airline partners, retain jobs, and serve our community,” he added.