Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter along with members of the Islip Town Board recognized Town of Islip Harbormasters Dan Offermann and Bob Beck for their heroism during a June storm that left boaters stranded and tens of thousands of residents without power.

Harbormasters Offermann and Beck were hailed at the July Town Board meeting for rescuing a family of 5, whose catamaran capsized during the June 30th storm. The family of two adults and three children had been treading water for approximately 30 minutes before they were rescued.

The Harbormasters were also recognized for rescuing a sailor who became stranded during the same storm after his boat’s mast and boom collapsed into the Great South Bay.

“Our employees are to be commended for their quick-thinking and life-saving actions during this treacherous storm,” said Supervisor Carpenter. “We are truly grateful that everyone was brought to safety unharmed,” she added.