Islip, NY – NYS Elected officials called on the Governor to stop government overreach and put a halt to her misguided housing proposal that would subvert local control. They the importance of villages, towns, and cities having the ability to govern their municipalities and create local zoning laws, grant building permits, and urban plans based on the unique needs of the communities they serve. Local municipalities should be able to develop localized development plans for infrastructure and housing without the fear of the state stepping in to supersede local laws.

Smart development must address local infrastructure concerns, such as the lack of an efficient, widespread sewer system, environmental concerns that are unique to Long Island, and affordability so that the costs do not fall on already burdened residents who are struggling with skyrocketing costs of living. These issues are best addressed locally, not with a heavy-handed top-down approach from the Governor.

“To find the perfect example of the Town of Islip’s commitment to affordable housing, one must look no further than Carleton Park in Central Islip. Drug dealers once controlled the streets. Police wouldn’t enter the dead-end streets without escorts. A new community of 375 affordable homeownership units was created and recognized on the floor of Congress. Children were playing on the same streets where gunfire once rang out. Towns can do this. The civics welcomes it. It’s welcomed by the people who live and work locally. Throughout the Town of Islip, and in conjunction with the opinion of planning experts, we’ve responsibly created housing opportunities by being responsive to the community. I’ve spent nearly my entire life here, fighting for all of us here in Islip Town. Now we’re under attack-NYS, attacking our right to govern ourselves, decide what our neighborhoods look like, to turn us into the city. I will not let that happen.” said Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter.