Townwide Improvements

Townwide Improvements

Historic Islip Revival

Islip is over 400 years old and our efforts to preserve and restore it are in progress every day.  With the completion of over a dozen beautification projects in the last 18 months our great town is renewed with 30,000 sq. ft. of sidewalks, 10,000 sq. ft. of stamped concrete walkways, 100 decorative street lamps, 500 planted trees, 2,500 miles of road repaved, 15,000 pot holes filled and neighborhood remediation of distressed properties using $340,00 from a NYS grant to fight urban blight.

The Town of Islip’s greatest resource is our waterfront.  We are committed to making it the finest on Long Island and you can enjoy the results in summer, 2019:

Atlantique Marina
2019 visitors will be greeted with a new playground, new bathrooms and showers and improved facilities for the town’s summer camp program. Reserving a slip is now easier than ever, allowing boaters to book in advance, on a first-come first-served basis.

Bay Shore Marina
With 4.5 Million in secured funding, the final phase of the Bay Shore Marina upgrades has begun.  The highlights will be new bulkheads and docks near Benjamin Beach.

Bayport Hollows Marina
$650,000 was invested to rebuild docks for boaters along the west side of the marina.

Oakdale’s Middlesex Drainage
After decades of mounting water issues caused by the Great South Bay’s rising tides, a new drainage system was implemented along the Grand Canal to control flooding and improve standing water following heavy rain.